Trip Reports - 2000

Sea Conditions Rating System by Eric Soares... Caution this system is meant to enhance other types of judgment, not to be used in a cookbook fashion.

Trip Rating System from Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner's book: Guide To Sea Kayaking Central & Northern California

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Hobie Beach (Channel Islands Harbor) - 12/27 (by Gregg Remer)
Winter Solstice - 12/21 (by Ron Hudson)
Ventura Sunday Paddle - 11/26(by Gregg Remer)
Day After Thanksgiving (by Steve Holtzman)
Black Canyon - Thanksgiving (by Mark Brodeur)
Anacapa Crossing (pics) - 06/10 (by Gregg Remer)
Kayaking To Catalina - September (by Chris Russ)
Flight 261 Memorial (pics) - February (by Gregg Remer)

Updated on January 4, 2007